early kinder admission process 2016-2017

  • A child must be age 5 on or before September 1st to enroll in kindergarten
  • Students born on September 2nd through December 2nd are eligible for Early Kinder not kindergarten
  • Students shall not be enrolled into Early Kinder if the child turns 5 after December 2nd.
  • There is no separate priority for November, October, or September born children. Just consider this 3 month span of birth dates as having equal access to the E K programs
  • If a lottery is necessary because of over enrollment at a given school site; all September, October, November, and December 1st and 2nd born students should have their names placed in same equable lottery at the school site.
  • Eligible LdV siblings receive priority

View the suggested timeline implementation under the Kindergarten Readiness Act.

Lottery and Admission Process 2016-2017: Kindergarten – 8th grade 

Enrollment Basics

  • Visitation is Required for lottery application to be accepted by SCUSD. No appointments are necessary for scheduled Open Enrollment visitation dates.
  • Openings in Kindergarten and fourth grade are filled through the Sacramento City Unified School District Open Enrollment process. All specifics around the Open Enrollment process are available on the district web site.
  • Should we have openings at other grade levels they will be filled by on-site waiting lists. Participation in a visitation day is required to be on the waiting list. Waiting list applications will be available at our visitations.
  • Enrollment at Leonardo da Vinci is not complete until registration occurs and a mandatory meeting has been attended.


  • Visitations for K-6 are for adults only. In order to lessen the disruption to our classrooms, we ask that you do not bring children under age 10 (6th grade).
  • Middle school visitations do include the student who will be applying. Incoming students are expected to have excellent attendance, positive behavior, and a strong academic history – a current report card may be requested. Applicants for 7th grade should bring a portfolio with current attendance, grades, behavior, and a teacher recommendation.