ART Links

artlinks-photoART Links is a Visual Art and Hands-On, Parent Volunteer based program, concentrated on teaching art history, art elements and principles of design while meeting the standards of the Leonardo Da Vinci based integrated thematic instruction.

A parent/s from each of Leonardo’s classrooms work with their teacher to create lesson plans centered around the current curriculum. The parent then folds that information into a lesson focused on an artist and design elements. Students have the unique opportunity to see a famous work of art, learn the art history and interpret the artwork using knowledge gained in the classroom, and multi-media projects. The program allows students to be inspired through the work of masters, while they explore their own unique talent.

ART Links begins with a child’s view of themselves, and then spirals to include fine artists, their community and the world around them. This integrated approach links visual and hands-on art to the social science and language arts curriculum.